Just a note to thank you for a fine job.  You said the entire home would be done in one day and unbelievably, it was.   Although your people were very nice, we appreciate you being on the job the entire day. 

Keep up the good work!

Bob & Noreen Palmers.

We have a happy house!

-Bob S.

How’s this – a voice from the past! I was in the faculty room this afternoon, and one of my friends who I teach with came up to me and told me that he had seen my name in print. Knowing that I haven’t made the newspaper lately, and not having seen my picture in the Post Office either, I was curious. He then pulled out the presentation package that you mailed him, and sure enough, there it was, Jeff King Painting!

I was so impressed with your intro letter, resume, business card and Rolodex card that I just had to write. You know I’m kind of a connoisseur of these kinds of things, and yours is the best I have yet to see. It’s certainly much better that anything I ever put together. You’ve discovered the secret to being a successful painting contractor, and that is presenting and maintaining a professional image.

Well, I just wanted to say hi, and wish you the best of luck. I hope you do well and enjoy the rewards of honest and professional work.

By the way, my friend is a teacher at our local middle school, and is also a longtime member of the City Planning Commission. A great guy, -if you tell him that you are the painter I was raving about, he might be able to get you a contact with the City Works people. Being a sixth grade teacher in real life, you can be sure that he is very easy to talk to.

Best wishes! Your name is in my address directory.

Jeff King

Enclosed is my check for $145 to cover our recent small painting job. Please tell the guys they did a great job. (So far I’ve only been able to fine one very small spot on the closet door that was missed, and I’ll have our handyman take care of it.)

I really want to thank you for doing everything you could to complete the job to my satisfaction. It’s really rare to find any businessman who works so hard to please his customers.

Went to an antique show over the weekend and looked for advertising on paints, painting, etc. No luck!

Happy Holidays,

Dolores Munsey

Just a note to thank you and your crew for the excellent paint job. What a difference a fresh coat of paint makes!

I was very pleased with the painters you sent out. They were hard-working, organized, efficient and punctual. As a team they worked very well together.

Joe, I liked the idea of sending a large crew over to my house. The job was finished before I knew it, so our like was out-of-sorts for only a little longer that one day. A couple of other painting contractors told me that it would take 4-5 days to paint our house. They also would sent out a crew half the size of the crew you sent out. The way you organize your jobs seems to be much easier for your clients and they are much less inconvenienced.

Thanks again for a job well done!


Michelle Finrow

Thank you for the excellent touch-up done be your people.  You are very reliable.   Again a pleasure to deal with your company.

Jessica A. Bemis

My wife and I recently decided to have the interior of our home painted—we interviewed four different advertised painters and chose Joe Lane to do the job—we had found his name in the Yellow Pages. We’re very happy that we picked Joe: He’s very knowledgeable about paint and painting; he listened to our desires and our concerns and gave us excellent information with no hype or pressure.

Our home has 2350 sq. ft. with some high ceilings and odd-angled nooks; other bidders, looking at the job, wanted from four days to a week to do the job. Joe said he could do it in a day or two using a crew of five and himself; he was true to his word and finished the job the first day. Obviously this requires a team that works and thinks together and does things in an efficient manner. For us this was a big plus—not having to have a daily invasion over a prolonged period of time. We could go back to our lived the very next day.

We were wondering whether such a quick job would be a quality job. We found that the work was excellent, much better than a previous job that we had with another painter. With Joe everything was masked and prepped before the paint went on. Afterwards there were no fingerprints, no smudges, no drips not spills—just yards and yards of lovely, clean, freshly-painted wall and ceiling surface. The workers were very helpful getting the furniture back in place.

Finally, the price was a fair one—it was not the lowest nor was it the highest. We figured we made a good investment in Joe’s expertise, experience, and his fine team. We were glad about the short time the job took, and we were very happy with the final result. It could have been an unpleasant experience, but we found that Joe Lane is a man who takes the pain our of painting.

We recommend Joe Lane very highly.

Pete and Joanne Stafford

Thanks very much for the nice job which was carried out by a very nice, efficient and clean staff.  Hopefully, we will be able to send some future business you way.


Joan Campbell

Just a short note to let you know how pleased Grace & I are with the painting that you and Eli did for us this past week.

Your original estimate was accurate, work was started on time and finished on time. Both you & your people were very neat and the painting is flawless.

We’d gladly have you come back again when other work might be needed.

Thanks again for a job well done and with the least amount of time.


John & Grace Christianson

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